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Can't find that file. Use your RFID Portable SmartReader to find any lost file in minutes!


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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a breakthrough technology for tracking File folders in real time, taking inventory and finding lost folders. RFID Tags and readers can be used to gain 100% visibility and accountability.


rfid SmartreaderWhat is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a breakthrough technology. RFID SmartLabels and SmartReaders can be used to gain 100% visibility and accountability of your file folders.

No more lost files!  No more delays because you cannot find a folder.  No more court resets because of misplaced folders.

RFID consists fo two components (1) a rfid tag that has a tiny computer chip in it attached to a folder and (2) a portable SmartReader that acts like a gieger counter to seek out and find files that are not where you thought they were.


FIND Files Quickly and Easily with Radio Waves!


rfid labels

► Patent pending RFID strip labels

► Print on standard office ink jet printers

► Customized label design

► No click fees or maintenance fees

► RFID is on the underside of the label

► Differentiate yourself from the competition

► be a hero for your customers

► by providing them a way to find missing files!

► upgrade to file tracking anytime

► Portable Radio Wave / Bar Code Scanner

► Optimized Find A File Software on Scanner

► Label printing system for unlimited Users

► Installs and works 'out of the box'

► Easy to use Users Manual

► Includes Installation, training and support

► Upgrade to file inventories any time

► Upload file locations to customer’s software


Check in and Check out of folders just got easy.

File Folder Origination

 - create labels for new folder origination

- color-coded the primary index for fast filing and misfile avoidance

- bar code and RFID for file tracking

- color-code designation labels and text fields for cross-reference file 'identifiers' 

Desktop File Tracking

- track records In and Out of filing systems by scanning bar codes or RFID computer chips

- select a destination from software drop-down list, or scan a destination bar code

- process file Requests through email notifications and Request queues

- use bar codes to transfer records to archive boxes

RFID Workstation File Tracking

- track many files at a time with radio waves

- RFID In / Out Controller utilizes infrared beams to automatically check files In or Out

- files check out to Requestors or to Name Badges

- track files without using a computer, or validate file transfers by viewing transfers on computer screen  


Manage File Movements In and Out of File Rooms

Passive RFID Tracking

 - tracks files as they are removed-from or returned-to filing system repositories

- motion sensors determine directionality

- files going Out transfer to the Requestor or to the ID card on the person removing files

- track groups of files all at once, without requiring staff to use a computer to track files

Manage File Movements throughout a Facility

Track Files at Destinations

- desktop USB RFID detectors automatically track files to the office of destination

- desktop detectors do not require staff to have or use software; file location updates are automatic

- network RFID antennas can be distributed throughout a facility, above ceiling tiles and/or  attached to walls, to track 'last location detected'

- software shows current and prior points of detection 


Track Files by Inventorying Files-in-Circulation

- scanner includes drop-down list of all people and places

- scans all files at a location from up to 20' and in about 15 – 30 seconds

- keeps database up-to-date as files move from person-to-person or if files are not checked-out

- also FINDS files, similar to a metal detector, through visual and audible cues  

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