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Find A File

find-a-file.  It is not Only a database system to manage and track files, rather it is a method of finding files with radio waves

Smart Folders are RFID enabled file folders, file pockets, legal, letter, any folder or asset.


Label printing software to print RFID labels for new files, and a radio wave portable scanner, enables staff to FIND missing files. The scanner functions similar to a Geiger Counter or metal detector. Missing file number(s) are entered to the scanner and the scanner pointed in offices or wherever files are located, and will beep when a missing file is detected. The scanner will then beep faster when getting closer to the file, or slower when moving away from the file, to guide the User right to the needed file. This solution also provides optimized filing system performance and misfile control, by color-coding files based on client name or file # (case #, client/matter #, etc.).


FIND-a-FILE Solution   Never lose it again.......Always know where it is!
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Label Printing Software for Originating File Folders with RFID
Portable RFID Scanner with Software
Implementation & Training (remote)
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