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RFID  find a file tracking software systems. About us


Find A File Software Systems develops software and solutions for tracking file folder records utilizing RFID (radio wave) and bar code technologies. RFID provides record tracking capabilities never before available, with dramatic enhancements in performance and reductions in costs over recent years. RFID EXPERTS staff have a proven track record in software development and technology innovation, including patents and first-to-
market solutions, with continual development since 1997 and over 35,000 Users worldwide. RFID EXPERTS 'Smart Folder' records management file tracking solutions can be delivered on stand-alone portable scanners, can be integrated with an organization's existing records or case management software, or, can be delivered as an enterprise-class, full featured records management system. Find A File is available as a cloud/web-based solution, or, as a license-free, cross-platform (Windows, Linux or Solaris/Unix) in-house deployment. RFID Experts serves clients nationwide and worldwide.


Find A File Software Systems is driven by the best interests of customers, and delivery of solutions that meet or exceed expectations, with customer service excellence. It is the goal of every Smart Folder implementation to pay for itself real-time by avoidance of wasted staff time looking and waiting for records, while improving internal and external customer service.


Find A File Software Systems, Find A File, Barcode and RFID (Radio Frequency) File Tracking & Records Management Software Systems keeps track of file locations, streamlines workflow, automates life-cycle management, facilitates compliance and reduces the cost of doing business.. Send us a quote and we will put you in contact with our local dealer representative near you. Please feel free to contact us. Fill out the interactive form below and we'll get back to you shortly.


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